2020 - Corona virus lockdown in Melbourne. Time for a retrospective, an overview of my archive. The right moment to review my portfolio and begin a long-term photo project. After almost two decades of digital photography this will be an online exhibition of a selection of my favourite shots. I‘d like to invite you to take a moment and have a browse. Let me share some of my personal considerations: deciding in favour of the project has been a lengthy process. The stay in Australia and the free time during lockdown were only the final triggers to get started. I found myself beeing preoccupied by the ‘why?‘ for a very long time. The photos on display aren‘t particularly exiting. I only plunge into moderate adventures for a decent shot. I usually avoid capturing people‘s moments, always feeling like an intruder, and I don‘t chase after human fates. There are countless great and creative photographers out there equipped with the best gear. In fact the Internet feels overcrowed with all kinds of extravagant angles, multiple perspectives of the last natural wonders of our Earth and photos covering every possible socio-critical or creative aspects. I don‘t like to boast about being able to visit countries and regions that are unreachable for others, nor do I want to put myself (and my husband Uli, who is my almost constant companion) on display. And yet the project is a one of a self-representation. The photos show my way of perceiving my surroundings: happenings, nature, light, details. In my eyes they‘re already perfect. I just frame them. I capture the atmosphere and my feelings, primari- ly for myself and my well-being. I immensely enjoy following my own sense of aesthetics and hamonious composition and indulge in experimental design. I think that‘s passion and my main reason for sharing my photos with you. I could add that I‘d like to encourage you to find a spot of nature for yourself, soak up the atmosphere and pay attention to the details,. Or add that my photos offer a modest counterweight to all the images of disasters all over the world.. Further I might intend to show an Earth that is far too beautiful to be littered and destroyed and point out that humans must now stand up for nature (and consequently for themselves). But this is a more political issue, isn‘t it? Finally, perhaps I could wish that some of you fall in love with one of my captures. They can be purchased. If you are more interested in travel reports (I have also considered focussing in these instead), I am more than happy to respond to your emails with some infos and stories. However, some galleries will include a short route description. The „Australia“ gallery is the most recent one, so it‘s quite extensive. I‘m still stoked by the country‘s exoticism. Thank you so much for popping in, I‘m looking forward to any feedback. If you‘re interested in prints or downloads, please let me know via email.